Building Code009B
DescriptionMacAlister Hall
Notes3250-60 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19104 Building Hours: M-F 7am-11pm Sat 10am-7pm Sun 10am-10pm
Room Code9B-UCRS
DescriptionSky View
Room TypeEvent - Multi Purpose
Floor6th Floor
Setup Hours1.00
Teardown Hours1.00
NotesPlease note the space comes in a standard set up that consist of (6) 72" round tables w/ (9) chairs each. In additional, there are (2) 8' tables for food services.

Additionally, the tables do not have place settings or linen. You can secure this service through Chestnut Street Caterers.

There is a built-in podium with attached microphone, projector, screen, and built-in conference call capability.

Audio/Visual Set Up -
Unless otherwise noted, the building manager will arrive (15) minute in advance of your scheduled event start to ensure that the laptop, provided by the event sponsor, is successfully connected to the in-house system projection system. Please be sure to arrive by this time to meet the building manager.

If you would like to have a conference call set up, it can be done through use of Quest Conferencing service, made available through the Drexel University Information Technology Office (DUIT).

Please follow the following steps:

Prior To Event Date:
The conference call should be set up through the Drexel University Information Technology Office (DUIT) via email to <>. The email should include the following information:
*The date of the call
*The time is will take place
*How long the call will last
*How many participates will be dialing into the call (both domestic and international)
*The fund and org number for the department you would like to charge the call to.
Once this has been scheduled, DUIT will provide you with instruction on how to access the conference call system, provided by Quest Conferencing Services along with the appropriate access codes.

While In Sky View:
Using the podium, dial the phone number provided by DUIT.
(You must dial (9) before all non-university city campus phone numbers)
Then follow the instructions provided by DUIT

You can also reach DUIT at (215-895-5862) if you need further assistance or have questions about the conference call system.

Setup Types and Capacities
Setup TypeMin CapacityMax Capacity
72" Round(s) (Default)054
Classroom Style040
Theatre/Auditorium Style060
LCD Projector
Projection Screen
Satelite Radio
Sound System (Built-In)